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In this video section, we feature funny pranks and jokes. Only the best pranks have been added here. These pranks are largely funny YouTube videos we have found.

A large percentage of these funny videos are pranks involving people in prank wars. A prank war is defined as a war of pranks between one or more people that lasts a fair amount of time.

Be sure to come back again as we add new videos every week!

  • Funny Snake Chase Prank

    Funny Snake Chase Prank

    These guys clip a snake attached to a string to random people, mainly girls, and tell them there is a snake behind them. Since the snake is attached to them, it keeps chasing them as they run away!

    Views: 25,428 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Drive Thru Prank

    Drive Thru Names Prank

    With help from his buddy, this guy rigs up a wireless Bluetooth speaker on his car and prerecords the name of the employee working the drive thru window. Watch the confusion on the employee's faces.

    Views: 21,712 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Epic Purse Prank

    Epic Purse Prank

    Next time these people will think twice about picking up a purse off the ground.

    Views: 22,144 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Walking on Water Prank

    Walking on Water Prank

    This guy confuses the hell out of people with his ability to walk on water, especially some Jesus freak.

    Views: 27,768 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Epic Broken Next Prank

    Funny Broken Neck Prank

    A couple of guys go around town pretending to crack their neck. Check out the horrified looks on many of the faces.

    Views: 17,784 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Funny Mascot Prank

    Funny Mascot Prank

    The mascot for the Houston's Rockets hides in plain view as players head onto the floor before practice, then scares the players as they leave practice.

    Views: 7,108 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Funny Bird Prank

    Funny Bird Prank

    Two guys attract a flock of seagulls with popcorn to surround people sunbathing or sleeping on the beach. To their surprise, they wake up surrounded by birds.

    Views: 13,692 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Satellite Falls on Car

    Satellite Falls on Car

    Does car insurance cover falling NASA satellites? These people sure hope so, especially after the Men in Black show up.

    Views: 9,088 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Horrible Car Crash Prank

    Horrible Car Crash Prank

    Passing motorists are asked to help out directing traffic around a car that flipped over. Soon, a police officer shows up to ask what the hell they are doing...

    Views: 10,844 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Front Yard Funeral Prank

    Front Yard Funeral Prank

    In this prank, a priest and a few mourners show up in people's front yard and perform a full funeral complete with a tombstone, grave and flowers.

    Views: 10,128 Category: Funny Pranks