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In this video section, we feature funny pranks and jokes. Only the best pranks have been added here. These pranks are largely funny YouTube videos we have found.

A large percentage of these funny videos are pranks involving people in prank wars. A prank war is defined as a war of pranks between one or more people that lasts a fair amount of time.

Be sure to come back again as we add new videos every week!

  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Funny ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Pranksters will always find a way to turn a good cause into an opportunity to play a prank. Check out this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge prank.

    Views: 4,972 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Old Lady Buries Husband

    Old Lady Buries Husband Gag

    It's always great to help out an elderly woman in need, especially when she needs help gardening, or even burying her husband.

    Views: 14,016 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Car Buried in Sand Prank

    Car Buried In Sand Prank

    These folks have a case of the Monday's as they find their car buried in sand... or at least that's what they first think.

    Views: 11,828 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Funny New Neighbors Prank

    Funny New Neighbors Prank

    It's amazing how being so friendly can really upset these people, especially when you're new to the neighborhood.

    Views: 11,676 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Stealing Gas Prank

    Stealing Gas Prank

    A guy pretends to siphon gasoline from a few cars in the inner city. Needless to say, the owners of the gas are none too pleased.

    Views: 15,236 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Super Sneeze Prank

    Super Sneeze Prank

    This dude must have the world's strongest sneeze as these people found out.

    Views: 11,216 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Funny Snake Chase Prank

    Funny Snake Chase Prank

    These guys clip a snake attached to a string to random people, mainly girls, and tell them there is a snake behind them. Since the snake is attached to them, it keeps chasing them as they run away!

    Views: 32,564 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Drive Thru Prank

    Drive Thru Names Prank

    With help from his buddy, this guy rigs up a wireless Bluetooth speaker on his car and prerecords the name of the employee working the drive thru window. Watch the confusion on the employee's faces.

    Views: 27,364 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Epic Purse Prank

    Epic Purse Prank

    Next time these people will think twice about picking up a purse off the ground.

    Views: 26,252 Category: Funny Pranks
  • Walking on Water Prank

    Walking on Water Prank

    This guy confuses the hell out of people with his ability to walk on water, especially some Jesus freak.

    Views: 32,392 Category: Funny Pranks