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Are you in need of a prank idea for the next April Fools? Do you have a funny guy at the office you're looking to get revenge on? If so, you're come to the right section for step by step guidence on how to pull off your next funny prank and joke.

These step by step video tutorials will layout what supplies you'll need and how to pull off the prank. Beginner and expert prankers alike will find value in these funny videos.

As we come across more funny prank how-to videos, we will be added them to the website. Be sure to come back before the next April Fools Day!

  • deodorant-pranks

    Three Funny Deodorant Pranks

    Here are three funny deodorant pranks you can pull off on your friends or family.

    Views: 21,108 Category: How To Videos
  • Home Pranks

    Funny House Pranks

    Here are three easy and funny pranks you can pull off at home.

    Views: 19,872 Category: How To Videos
  • Shocking Stapler Tutorial

    Shocking Stapler Tutorial

    Here's how to prank your coworker with the classic shocking stapler prank.

    Views: 17,268 Category: How To Videos
  • Funny April Fools Pranks

    Funny April Fools Pranks

    If you need a few quick prank ideas for April Fools or any day of the year really, check out these easy pranks you can pull off on your friend or coworker today.

    Views: 16,480 Category: How To Videos
  • Funny Show Prank

    Funny Shower Prank

    Here is a step by step guide to pull off a funny shower prank on your friend, spouse or roommate. This would make a great April fools day prank.

    Views: 16,732 Category: How To Videos
  • Diet Coke and Mentos Prank

    Diet Coke And Mentos

    Here is how to do the classic Diet Coke and Mentos prank. If you need a prank idea for April fools, here is a good one if you have Diet Coke and Mentos.

    Views: 17,092 Category: How To Videos
  • Funny Toilet Prank

    Funny Wrapped Toilet Prank

    We do not recommend you pull this prank off at home or at work. It's the classic bathroom wrapped toilet prank. Best for a public mall or bar restroom.

    Views: 19,472 Category: How To Videos
  • Funny Computer Desktop

    Funny Desktop Prank

    A very easy funny office computer prank to pull on someone who isn't the most computer savvy. The classic fake desktop background prank.

    Views: 17,368 Category: How To Videos
  • Funny Chair Prank

    Funny Chair Prank

    Here's a good chair office prank. It's a good idea, just need to conceal the fishing line a little better. Funny concept though.

    Views: 18,212 Category: How To Videos
  • Funny Keyboard Prank

    Funny Keyboard Prank

    If you are in need of a funny keyboard prank in an office or at home, here is a good prank that's easy to do. Makes for a good computer prank as well.

    Views: 20,584 Category: How To Videos
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