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Welcome to the sexy prank video section. In this category, you can find prank videos involving hot girls either playing pranks and jokes on people or being on the receiving end of the pranks themselves.

Many of these funny videos feature girls in bikinis, with their underwear, bras, and panties. Rest assured, all videos here on are safe for the entire family and all ages. There is no nudity in any videos. All videos are safe for television.

New videos are added weekly so be sure to bookmark the website and come back soon!

  • Picking Up Girls Prank

    Picking Up Girls Prank

    A hot girl trying to pickup another hot girl. It doesn't get much better than this.

    Views: 20,084 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Hot Girl Butt Spanking

    Hot Girl Ass Spanking Prank

    A hot girl takes a walk on the beach while some dude who's in on the prank spanks her butt right as she's passing some innocent guy.

    Views: 27,740 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Hot Girl Disappears Under Umbrella

    Hot Girl Disappears

    A hot girl on the beach disappears under her umbrella. If anyone knows where this beach is, please send us an email.

    Views: 48,396 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Sexy Delivery Prank

    Sexy Delivery Prank

    Being a delivery guy is a hard way to make a living. So what better way to make his day than by having three girls in lingerie to greet him at the front door?

    Views: 130,784 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Tire Pumping Prank

    Sexy Tire Pumping Prank

    A tire pump is rigged up so when some random dude goes to help a hot girl in a skimpy skirt, he sees a little more than he expects.

    Views: 105,360 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Breakup Prank

    Breakup Prank

    This never happens to me when I'm walking down the street.

    Views: 41,252 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Funny CPR Prank

    Funny CPR Prank

    What guy wouldn't volunteer for CPR training purposes if a couple hot girls needed a hand? Well, not until some flamboyant dude shows up.

    Views: 61,360 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Funny Chatroullette Prank

    Sexy Chatroullette Prank

    The pervs on Chatroullette get what they deserve in this funny prank.

    Views: 49,464 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Shower Prank

    Portable Toilet Shower

    Not too often will you go to use a portable toilet and a good looking girl will be in it taking a shower or ask you to give her a hand.

    Views: 165,940 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Funny Nun Prank

    Funny Bikini Nun Gag

    For this funny gag, a girl in a bikini asks random people to hold up a towel as she "changes" into her regular apparel, which happens to be what a nun would wear.

    Views: 52,408 Category: Sexy Pranks