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Sexy Prank Videos

Welcome to the sexy prank video section. In this category, you can find prank videos involving hot girls either playing pranks and jokes on people or being on the receiving end of the pranks themselves.

Many of these funny videos feature girls in bikinis, with their underwear, bras, and panties. Rest assured, all videos here on are safe for the entire family and all ages. There is no nudity in any videos. All videos are safe for television.

New videos are added weekly so be sure to bookmark the website and come back soon!

  • Beack Snake Prank

    Funny Beach Snake Prank

    These guys tie a fake snake to the end of some fishing line and terrorize sun bathers down in Miami Beach. A funny prank taking place at a beach.

    Views: 142,925 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Mall Prank

    Funny Mall Prank

    For this sexy prank, RomanAtwood and the JustForLaughs crew team up for a funny prank pretending to pose for pictures, but end up shedding a few layers of clothing.

    Views: 43,265 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Stuck Skirt Prank

    Stuck Skirt Prank

    An attractive woman walks stands around pretending to talk on her phone while her skirt is tucked into her underwear. Watch as people try to inform her in this sexy prank.

    Views: 41,255 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Fishing Skirt Prank

    Fishing Skirt Prank

    In this sexy prank, they tie up the end of a fishing line to a girl's skirt. When he casts his line, the girl's skirt comes flying off. Very funny gag prank.

    Views: 35,035 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Street Cleaner Prank

    Street Cleaner Prank

    A girl has her dress completely sucked off her body by a street cleaner. When she asks for her dress back, she find out that the worker spends his days sucking lingerie off women's bodies.

    Views: 83,640 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Bikini Shark Prank

    Bikini Shark Prank

    A girl pretends to have lost her bikini top in the water. She summons random guys to jump into the pond to retrieve the lost garment only to be greeted with what appears to be a shark. Very funny!

    Views: 246,110 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Dropped Panties Prank

    Dropped Panties Prank

    A hot blond loses her panties and then magically turns into the weirdest looking blond man.

    Views: 70,560 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Funny Dress Prank

    Funny Dress Prank

    Another prank in public with a girl wearing a short dress bending over. Some funny reactions from the random guys on the street!

    Views: 158,155 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Funny Makeout Prank

    Funny Makeout Prank

    In this funny prank, two "strangers" makeout. Watch as people on the street are stunned and amaze.

    Views: 42,310 Category: Sexy Pranks
  • Funny Hooker Prank

    Funny Hooker Prank

    In this funny prank video, a girl on the street drops money in front of men making it look like they are paying for a good time.

    Views: 51,810 Category: Sexy Pranks